25 03 2007

Vigilant Keith Clifford guards his village with a pack of highly-trained team of attack sheep. The 60 year old retired farmworker has reared his flock of 24 from birth and trained them to charge and attack with their impressive horns.

So far the only “suspects” have been the odd stray cat or fox, but Keith is confident they would take on any challenge. He said: “Normally sheep run away if they are frightened, but these don’t. They are more than capable of handling themselves.”

These are fine, they are in uniform. It’s the undercover sheep that worry me.

The Sun



22 03 2007

A janitor entering a newly vacated apartment in Östra Vemmerlöv in southern Sweden found himself confronted with the strong stench of urine, horse excrement and hay. It later emerged that the man evicted for failure to pay the rent on his ground floor apartment had been living with a pony.

Police had previously received reports of cruelty to animals in the apartment but nothing was ever done. The landlord too suspected that something was not quite right but did not make the connection with the horse trailer parked outside.

A stable relationship.

The Local


20 03 2007

Visitors to the Grand Canyon are to get stunning views from a raised glass platform being inaugurated on Tuesday.

Rising 4,000ft (1,220m) from the canyon’s floor and 70ft (20m) beyond its rim, the Skywalk is being described as an engineering first.

The Hualapai Indians, who own the site, are hoping to attract visitors to a high unemployment area.

But some tribal members say this is a desecration of sacred ground and environmentalists are also concerned.

High unemployment area? Looks a little like a zero population area.

BBC News


17 03 2007

A council is betting £20,000 that pigeons will be fooled after buying a bizarre fleet of “robo-falcons” in the hope that they will instill fear into its winged pests.

Liverpool council is putting ten of them on its most historic buildings to protect them from bird droppings as it seeks to put on its best face in the run-up to becoming European Capital of Culture next year.

They are capable of turning to face the wind, twisting their heads, flapping their wings and uttering a peregrine-style squawk.

If they are homing robots there may be a problem.

Daily Mail


16 03 2007

Morgan, that most traditional of British brands, has announced it will launch a zero-emissions car called the Life Car at next year’s Geneva show.

The Life Car is predicted to weigh 600kg, have a small fuel cell delivering 33bhp and, erm, no brakes. Instead, in-wheel electric motors will act as both power generators under acceleration and play the much-needed retardation role under braking, at which point they’ll store the energy lost under braking and feed it back into the system when required.

Long time users of wood in its construction, maybe Morgan might be able to grow the cars on trees to maximise sustainability…



15 03 2007

Professor Stanley Unwin in deep joy with the Amstrad 9512 wordyprocessy.


15 03 2007

Once they get the hang of it, your kids can move on to doing it with REAL trains! Yay.

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